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Musical Theatre & Dance Competitions

Dreams come true at Ultimate Performer competitions! Our team provides exciting, well organized competitions for studios throughout the country. We offer an array of competitive events that bring top industry adjudicators, master teachers, choreographers, and agencies to your hometown. Live virtual and in person competitions are offered throughout the year.


Upcoming Competitions

The Premiere! Broadway BashMarch 5-7LIVE! Virtual Competition
& Convention From Your Studio!
Preliminary National CompetitionMay 15LIVE! Virtual Competition 
National Convention & CompetitionJuly 9-11

LIVE! Virtual Competition & Convention From Your Studio

Stayed tuned for additional competitions and conventions to be announced!


What Are Live Virtual Events?

Tired of uploading tons of videos for virtual competitions? Feel like your studio is missing out on a competitive experience? Ultimate Performer’s live virtual events are for you! Virtually compete live from your studio or at home. Competitions are streamed, and entries are given a time and code to enter our competition. Perform for our judges in real time like you are on the stage for them!


Competition Levels

Ultimate Performer competitions offer three divisions for our in-person and virtual competitions. Use the following guide when determining which division to place your students into:



Students spend less than 4 hours per week in a studio setting; including all training, rehearsals, and coaching. Less than 1 year of performance experience. Green level singers have less than 1 year of formal vocal training.



Students spend less than 7 hours per week in a studio setting; including all training, rehearsals, and coaching. Less than 3 years of performance experience. Trainee level singers have less than 3 years of formal vocal training.



Students spend 8+ hours per week in a studio setting; including all training, rehearsals, and coaching. Students have 4+ years of performance experience. Professional level singers have 4+ years of formal vocal training. 


Routine Length and Sizes:

Solo     3 Minute Maximum
Duo/Trio 3 Minute Maximum
Group (4-9 Performers) 3 Minute Maximum
Line (10-15 Performers) 4 Minute Maximum
Production (16-20 Performers) 5 Minute Maximum
Large Production (21+ Performers) 6 Minute Maximum

* Extended time can be purchased at $5 per additional minute


Rules for Duos, Trios, Groups, and Lines:

  • A minimum of 50% of students within the routine must be part of the designated competition level, otherwise the entry may be moved to the next level up. 
  • For duo/trio; Go based upon the most advanced performer 
  • A copy of the student’s schedule may be requested from the Studio Owner if a routine is entered into a division and flagged by the judging panel as too advanced for the selected competition division. 



Ultimate Performer uses a January 1st age date for the entire season, including nationals.

Prep7 & Under

Musical Theatre and Dance Competitions and Conventions

To reach the average age of an entry:

  • Add all the ages together, and divide by the number of performers in the routine entry.
  • After averaging the age, drop the decimal to come up with the age category. Example: 11.8 = 11 years old.
  • In the possible event where age is questioned, all competing performers must be prepared to present proof of age.


Performance Divisions



Jazz – A dance form or dance that is matched to the rhythms and techniques of jazz music, developed by African Americans in the early part of the 20th century. Routines consist of vernacular dance vocabulary.

Ballet – Classical movement characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and the use of flat ballet or pointe shoes.

Tap – Form of dance performed by wearing shoes fitted with metal taps Dancers must be wearing tap shoes.

Lyrical – Form of dance where ballet and jazz technique are combined. Emphasis on storytelling through movement.

HipHop – Refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.

Musical Theater – Consist of Broadway/theatre dance styles Contemporary – Form of dance that consist of modern, jazz, and ballet technique.

Modern – A form of dance where movement is free and natural through space, not just vertical high and rebels against the normality of ballet.

Open – Consist of all other categories.


Acting – A story told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character.

Broadway Vocal – Live singing performance from a Broadway musical, movie, or television show. No lead vocals permitted on the music track.

Pop Vocal – Live singing performance to a non broadway style song. No lead vocals permitted on the music track.

Broadway – Consist of live vocal performance from a Broadway musical, movie, or television show. Lip-synching is prohibited. No lead vocals permitted on the music track. Routine should capture the life of the Broadway musical through singing, acting, and dance.

Vocal – Consist of a live vocal performance to any style song without the use of acting and/or dance. Ultimate Performer judges reserve the right to change the competition category if the routine has been entered improperly.

Entry fees are non-refundable.



Online registration is our preferred way of securing your school’s spot in our events. Online registration acknowledges and agrees to the Ultimate Performer, Inc. Terms and Agreement Waiver. Waiver forms must be completed for all participants, and signed by a parent/legal guardian if under the age of 18. Waivers can be brought to the competition or emailed to our office. Waivers can be found within our registration software TourPro. Click here to download our waiver form. 


Studios are responsible for the transportation, storage, set up and removal of all set pieces and props. Ultimate Performer, Inc is not responsible for any damage, lost or stolen goods, sets, or props. Vocalists are required to sing live with either a handheld or wireless microphone. Ultimate Performer is not responsible for any microphone issues that may occur during a performance.

Vocalists are required to perform to a musical track that is strictly instrumental or acapella. An automatic 5-point deduction will apply to any vocalist who does not adhere to this policy.

Entry routines containing more than 3 acrobatic/tumbling passes are required to enter in the OPEN category or a 5-point deduction will apply. Competing performers must arrive at the venue, ready to perform, a minimum of 60 minutes prior to their scheduled routine. Ultimate Performer Inc, does not allow a performer to re-compete the routine at the same event.

Schools and performers are to adhere to the Ultimate Performer, Inc. event schedule and sequencing. A studio representative will be contacted by an official Ultimate Performer Inc. staff member if their performance schedule and/or performer line up has changed. Good sportsmanship by all attending parties is expected. Disqualification will occur for any poor sportsmanship at an Ultimate Performer Inc. event.

Music, costuming, and choreography that is not considered age appropriate by Ultimate Performer Inc and it’s judges will be penalized. Schools and their participants are required to adhere to dressing room assignments and are responsible for setting up and cleaning up their space.



Judging Criteria

Technique & Ability40%
Overall Performance30%
Costume and Appearance10%

Scoring - Green Category

High Gold265-279
High Silver245-254

Scoring - Trainee & Professional Categories

High Gold278-287
High Silver250-266

High Score Awards

• Top awards will be presented for each age and division. 
• Top overall awards will be presented for each competition level for soloists, duos/trios, groups, lines, production & large productions. 



Ultimate Performer (Regional & National): Must compete in a solo for vocals, acting, and dance. Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior categories will be awarded at competitions. Competitors must be at trainee or professional skill level.

Ultimate Dancer: Highest scoring dance soloist for Green, Trainee and Professional skill levels.

Ultimate Actor: Highest scoring monologue for Green, Trainee and Professional skill levels.

Ultimate Singer: Highest scoring vocal soloist for Green, Trainee and Professional Skill levels.


Judges Awards

* Judges awards may be presented for virtual or live events. Judge’s awards are specifically elected by the panel of judges.

Rockstar Award: Judge’s award for a routine that could enter the Broadway hall of fame! This is for a piece that has great technique, excellent performance quality, and a unique story line.

True Professionals Award: Judge’s award for a routine that has professional level set design, costumes, and props. Performers show signs of professional potential.

Best Choreography award: Judge’s award for excellent choreography in a group, line, production, or large production number. Choreography is appropriate for the skill levels of the performers.

Made for Broadway: This award is for a soloist or group routine that is of Broadway caliber. Routine must be entered in the Trainee or Professional category.

Best Director: Applicable to groups, lines,and productions. Is awarded to the best director of a dance or musical theatre piece.

Best Producer: This award will be presented to the studio owner who embodies the Ultimate Performer performance experience in dance and musical theatre combined.


Specialty Prizes

Prizes at Ultimate Performer will include agent meet & greets, cash giveaways, scholarships, and much more!




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